Comics On Kickstarter: Bust, A Dark Story Of Survival

Once again Kickstarter is proving to be an awesome platform for highlighting self-published indie comics. This time the comic in question is Bust, written by video game critic Dave Cook and drawn by the talented Chris O’Toole. As per usual, here’s what the creators have to say about their project:


Bust Issue #1 is a violent 32-page webcomic that depicts the downfall of society at the hands of a terrible plague. It stars Jack, a legendary card dealer and con man out of Las Vegas, who is forced to defend his family and fight for survival in this brutal new world.


After failing to flee America, and the roaming mutated freaks and gangs that roam its streets, Jack and his family find themselves in the last safe city in the country, a walled off metropolis governed by business magnate Eddie Scott.


Things look good for a while, but Jack eventually crosses Eddie and finds himself thrown into a string of gladiatorial battles against the wasteland’s worst monstrosities in order to fight for his freedom.


Will he survive and see his family again? If he does, what comes next? Will Jack turn to blood and slaughter to claim his revenge against Eddie and his flock, or can he make peace and find some sense of sanity in a world gone mad?


Here's a look at the cover of Bust's first issue.

Here’s a look at the cover of Bust‘s first issue.


Pretty cool, right? What makes this campaign a little different is that the comic is also available online, for free. You can check out the first few pages right now by following this link. By donating you’re simultaneously allowing the comic to continue as well as fund the first issue’s print run. The print issue will be signed and delivered straight to you, meaning if you especially want a physical copy this is a great opportunity.

Bust looks like a lot more than the average webcomic. It’s a fairly ambitious project telling a full storyline with fleshed out characters and a fully realised world. If you want to take a look for yourself, you can find the campaign right here.


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