Comic Review: Thief of Thieves #15

Plotted by Walking Dead scribe Robert Kirkman and scripted by Andy Diggle, Thief Of Thieves has been a very engaging series from the start. Interestingly the series acts more like a TV show, with a revolving change in writers per story and Kirkman acting as the overall show runner keeping it all on track. This issue teases the start of the Venice job, something we’ve been hearing about since the very beginning.


The whole overarching story of Thief of Thieves is that master thief Redmond wants to quit. His family life has been all but obliterated due to his career. When a three year plan finally leads up to a big job in Venice Redmond suddenly decides he wants out. Through the course of the series Redmond has ended up in a position where he has no choice but to pull off the job. This issue reads like the second act of a heist movie, all the players are brought together and the lot of them set off. Meanwhile the antagonists are also shown to be in pursuit. Speaking of which, FBI Agent Cohen’s obsession with Redmond is starting to feel a tad stale. At first it was hugely entertaining seeing the two at odds but I’m starting to feel like Cohen’s presence is getting a little bit forced. She’s a good antagonist for sure but I feel like she needs to be benched for a little while to let the new villain Lola shine more.

Shawn Martinbrough’s artwork is as strong as usual. The heavy use of widescreen-like panels paint a cinematic picture that compliments the movie-inspired plot. Combined with colourist Felix Serrano, the two of them give the book a great sharp colourful appearance with lots of bold dark lines.


The pacing of this issue is a little slow, but it often is in Thief of Thieves. This is a comic that’s built more on the drama and tense interactions of its cast, with the occasional action set piece now and then. It’s good then that the writing is a tight usual. It says a lot that Redmond comes across as such a likeable character. Without really questioning it I find myself rooting for him to succeed, despite the fact that he is, of course, a thief. Despite that we see the whole Venice crew here, the focus stays very much on Redmond. This has always been a story about Redmond’s life and family so it’s good that book keeps the focus on him, even when the number of characters jumps back up.

This is a good issue that moves things into place though it’d have been nice to see a bit of payoff. But the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been and I’m really looking forward to seeing where things go from here. Despite being the second issue in the new storyarc I’d propose that this is actually a suitable jumping on point. It’s not difficult to gather what’s happened thus far from the interactions here and the new plot has yet to move into full swing. If you’re not reading the series yet I’d highly suggest giving it a go.


Author: Mia Violet

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