Comic Review: The Walking Dead #130

The Walking Dead continues with it’s first post-All Out War storyline this week with issue 130: There Were Whispers And I Was Afraid. Despite all of Kirkman’s other projects, including new horror series Outcast, there is definitely no fall in the quality to be found. Let’s jump straight in where we left off.

In previous issues, readers have slowly been fed information about what the time skip has changed e.g who is alive, who has grown up, how the communities have shaped up. This issue continues that train of thought, continuing Carls journey to Alexandria with Rick to begin his new apprenticeship. More importantly we see the continuation of the newcomers discussion with Negan, however it is the two struggling injured guards in the forest who will take centre stage for this issue. With a broken leg, they’re stuck in the rain surrounded by a herd of zombies and no way out. Expect the unexpected with these two- they are definitely tough cookies who aren’t about to keel over.

One of the things I have to commend with this issue is it’s art. Adlard always delivers solid visuals, but there is a particularly brilliant page of the two stranded men in the rain with the zombies that is particularly expressive. There is no need for colour when Adlard is involved- his crisp strokes and emotive characters tell us all we need to know. His narrative skills blend effortlessly with Kirkman’s. The writer himself seems to still be growing this late on in the series, his dialogue running noticeably smoother than his earlier works. We see a lot less preachiness in Rick that we did at the beginning and more focus on multiple characters as opposed to a Ricktatorship.


Yes, but we're also talking about lots of other characters which is refreshing.

Yes, but we’re also talking about lots of other characters which is refreshing.


I started Issue 130 with my usual high expectations. TWD always delivers solid story and art, a good solid read every month with exciting developments every so often. The tension in the issue grows thicker by the page however, as does the plot. This is the issue that is well and truly starting the new storyline without any further introductions. If you’ve stopped following the series then these last couple issues have been a good reason to jump back aboard. The time jump has really re-energised the series in a way we’ve not really seen before and now things are starting to kick off.

I cannot spoil the ending, for it is a fantastic surprise I’d hate to ruin. Kirkman proves again that you can never predict what will happen to the gang once more, complete with his trademark cliffhanger endings. All I will say is- There Were Whispers.

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  1. I agree, this issue was spot on. As always excited for next month which leads in to two issue October!

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