Comic Review: The Bunker #1 (Remastered Version)

The Bunker #1 is a new comic from Oni Press. It’s written by Joshua Hale Fialkov and illustrated, lettered and coloured by Joe Infurnari. Originally released online, it’s since been re-released with improved artwork and additional story scenes.

The Bunker is a story about a group of young adults who decide to burry a time capsule for themselves, so that in the future they can dig it up and reminisce together. Little do they know that their future selves appear to have gotten the idea before them, and buried one in the past (I know, confusing right? But stick with it). Understandably everyone is confused, the confusion then steadily turns to terror as they try to work out what’s going on. They discover a map that states clear areas and ‘infection zones’.  It’s not specified what the ‘infection’ is, personally I assume it’s a Zombie apocalypse scenario, which comics are always putting to good use. The story has a very interesting premise and it left me wondering if there’s going to be some form of time travelling, or if their current selves are going to try and change the future. Either way it’s going to be something interesting to follow.

Already there are some very dark plot points including heavy suggestions of child abuse, but thankfully not depicted by the art. The writing more or less confirms it’s taken place though, so this is certainly not one for the faint of heart. There’s also graphic sex scenes scattered throughout, which are forgivable as they do add a little something to the plot, rather than being pointless titillation for the readers.


The new art has been beautifully remastered.

The new art has been beautifully remastered.


Although the artwork is very stylised, with a tight sketchy look, it’s certainly memorable and distinct. The colour that’s been added in the new version of the comic really does make a huge difference to the quality. It brings the artwork to life and really snatches your attention, it’s surprising how much is achieved just by adding a splash of colour. The sketchy art style really suits the atmosphere and events happening too, it’s a really strong match for the story.

Once finished with the issue I really felt like I wanted more, I was left especially curious to find out what had triggered the events seen within. With a thought-inducing storyline and a smart twist, it’s hard to imagine that you won’t want more. Also, as someone who has read both this version and the earlier digital-only release, I feel confident saying that even if you dismissed it after the first read, it’s worth going back to. The new scenes add some extra depth and the colour pours life into every panel. But either way, you should give The Bunker a go.


Author: Loretta

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