Comic Review: Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom #1

Confession time, I have never read a Rocketeer comic. Sure I’ve heard of it but I’d just never actually gotten around to checking it out. So when I heard that Mark Waid, writer of Irrdeemable and Daredevil, was penning a new series I decided I’d give it a look. I was not disappointed.

Set in 1940 Rocketeer absolutely oozes nostalgia for the Golden Age of comics. It’s one of the most grounded super hero comics I’ve ever read. There’s no flashy costumes or outrageous locations and The Rocketeer himself very much an everyman. Despite never having met these characters before I could instantly get a feel for them after just a couple of lines of dialogue. There’s no unnecessary flashbacks or clunky text boxes telling me who everyone is, instead Waid perfectly takes a ‘show don’t tell’ approach and let’s the cast speak for themselves.

Similarly the art work by Chris Samnee compliments the tone wonderfully with a colourful retro feel. Every character pops with personality. The framing fits each situation masterfully controlling the pacing of each scene. For example, when we’re reading a conversation the panels are evenly distributed but when things turn tense the size and shapes differ depending on what we’re seeing subtly dictating the flow. I didn’t even notice it at the time because I was so absorbed in it but it speaks to the strength of the storytelling.

Last week when I reviewed Lost Tribe Of the Sith my main criticism was that it spent too much time setting the scene instead of just getting on with things. Meanwhile Rocketeer is a prime example of how a comic should be paced. However what really sold me on this issue was the characters, I already find myself caring about them and I’m itching to see more. Next month can’t come quick enough. I highly recommend Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom, I’m a total Rocketeer newbie and I had a blast reading this issue.

If my praise has managed to sell you on it then you can grab a copy this week from your local comic book shop. Alternatively it’s available to buy right now on comixology for use on a phone, tablet or computer.

Author: Mia Violet

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