Comic Review: Knuckleheads #6

I reviewed the first few issues of Knuckleheads back in September of last year and quite enjoyed them. Published by MonkeyBrain Comics, Knuckleheads is a comedy super hero comic written Brian Winkeler and drawn by Robert Wilson IV. With great artwork and a witty script I thought it was genuinely funny and really enjoyable to read.

So how does this latest issue stack up? To cut right to the point: it’s the best yet.

For those who missed out on the earlier issues, or just have atrocious memories: Knuckleheads is about slacker Trevor K. Trevinski and what he gets up to now that an alien device has fused with his hand, granting him various super powers as a result. This issue Trevor and his friends try work out just what he’s capable of and take some time to hone his powers. The results are unpredictable and ridiculous while being as funny as you’d expect from such an amusing series.

The likeable cast of characters really bounce off of each other well and even when they’re just chatting amongst themselves it’s still completely hilarious. Everyone’s got a distinct personality and just watching them handle what occurs is a joy to read.

The reason Knuckleheads works so well is it’s completely cohesive, which is absolutely still the case with issue 6. That’s a slightly fancy way of saying the art and the words go very well together. Wilson is fantastic at facial expressions and every joke is brilliantly pushed to full potential thanks to the accompanying expression and body language. The bright, solid colours by Jordan Boyd just click with the light comedic tone and even the lettering by Thomas Mauer contributes to that same mood. As a result the comic comes across as being the result of a unified vision with all the parts working together flawlessly.


The supporting cast get just as much laughs as Trevor.

The supporting cast get just as much laughs as Trevor.


My one criticism with the first batch of issues was that they were over a little too soon, but in the latest three issues that has definitely been fixed. The page count has been cranked up and each issue now feels more like its own thing rather than just a part of a bigger piece. They still carry on the ongoing story, but now every issue feels whole. I was completely satisfied with the length of issue 6. The best part though is that the price hasn’t budged, it’s still just $0.99 for the issue over on Comixology. So what was already great value is now even better.

The quality of everything is also noticeably knocked up a notch from those first three. The laughs come more often as the supporting cast are now as funny as Trevor himself, meanwhile the artwork feels even more detailed and varied than it was to begin with. You can tell you’re reading something that a lot of love and care has gone into.

Knuckleheads is just pure fun and issue 6 is one of the best instalments yet. A lot of comics these days are amusing but Knuckleheads will make you laugh aloud. My girlfriend actually had to come into the room and ask what I was laughing at, it’s just genuinely funny. With the extended length and improved pacing, there’s no reason not to try it out. I highly recommend giving it a go, especially at such a good price.


Author: Mia Violet

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