Comic Review: Invincible Universe #4

No one is better than Best Tiger, reads the solicitation text for Invincible Universe #4. Since his introduction Best Tiger has been my favourite member of the super hero team. A man with ludicrously pinpoint accuracy and perfect timing it’s always highly entertaining to watch him work. It’s good then that this issue revolves entirely around him. While last issue gave us many quiet reflective moments as well as some great fight scenes the time the story focuses on what Best Tiger does best: killing people in endless stylish and creative ways.


The issue begins with the shocking death of one of the supporting cast, setting the tone for the globe-trotting hunt that’s to come. Quickly the plot moves on with lightning speed as we follow Best Tiger as he takes on some of the most dangerous foes he’s fought yet. The story is fast, full of action and at times even darkly amusing. Practically the whole issue is narrated with Best Tiger’s usual succinct emotionless dialogue. It’d be easy for him to come across as an overpowered bland character but instead it’s like watching a professional pull off incredible feats. There’s a certain wonderment to everything he does that feels impressive.

The artwork by Todd Nauck is great. The variety of scenes here allows him to stretch his legs displaying multiple different interior and exterior shots. But it’s the scenes of violence that really show why he’s the perfect artist for this series. They’re stylised just enough to make things look especially dynamic and exciting but not sacrifice the brutality of the issue’s violence. Gabe Eltaeb contributes some wonderfully bright crisp colours that makes everything look like a very high quality cartoon.

Invincible Universe 4-4

This is also a good jumping on point. Other than the identities of a few characters, which you can pretty much discern on your own, you won’t be left out if this is your first issue. Long-term followers of Invincible will also appreciate a nod to an earlier storyline, which briefly makes an appearance here.

As a fan of Best Tiger I had an absolute blast reading this issue. Watching him pull off such ridiculously improbable tasks was incredibly enjoyable. This isn’t an issue that’s particularly serious or dialogue heavy, but it’s not trying to be either. It’s obvious they set out to tell a story that was just balls to the wall crazy fun and they succeeded. Because Best Tiger narrates the action on almost every panel it keeps the pace of the comic from feeling too fast. If the narration was missing the issue would fly by but it keeps things at a nice punchy pace without dragging down or rushing through the story. New or old, if you’re a fan of super hero action then you should check this out.


Author: Mia Violet

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