Comic Review: Halloween Eve

It feels like it’s been a while since I read a completely self-contained one shot. Everything these days seems like it’s introducing an upcoming series or it’s a spin-off of something else so it was really refreshing to give Halloween Eve a look. Written by Brandon Montclare and drawn by Amy Reeder I’d been keeping an eye on the comic ever since it showed up on Kickstarter. I’m very happy to say then that the final result is pretty impressive.

Set in a costume shop the story is a fun dreamy romp inspired by the likes of The Wizard Of Oz. The setting is utilised excellently with the costumes used more than once to offer a metaphorical look at the cast, which adds a nice bit of depth. Speaking of the characters they’re all quite entertaining with protagonist Eve coming off as the most enjoyable. I laughed a couple of times during the issue watching her have to deal with demanding customers or her no nonsense boss, it’s little things that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to.

As good as the writing is Amy Reeder is really the star of the show here. The amount of detail in the comic is staggering, every scene is alive with colour. The artwork as a whole is incredibly sharp creating a really clean pleasing appearance, every page could pass as a cover it’s that well done. The characters are fantastically distinct. Reeder’s talent for capturing facial expressions really shows, throughout the issue you can tell at a glance what mood the character is in just from their face alone. Meanwhile little artistic effects like a blurred weapon as it crashes down or the soft glow surrounding iconic jack-o-lanterns really add up to make this a gorgeous looking comic overall.

All in all this is a great comic. Although starting it I was pleased it was a one shot I found myself wishing it were an ongoing by the end so I could see more. I heard it said that it’s not outside the realm of possibility that we’ll see another Halloween Eve comic at some point and I certainly hope that’s true. As long as the creative team stays together I’ll gladly pick up a sequel, or in fact anything else they produce.

Author: Mia Violet

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