Comic Review: Great Pacific #1

Great Pacific is Image Comics’ new series from writer Joe Harris and artist Martín Morazzo. Image has been killing it lately with their new series’ so I was excited to dive into a new one. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting but that’s not to say that’s a bad thing.

The book begins in the same setting as the cover, an island of garbage. After a great two-page splash hinting at the vast size of the trash island I was quite surprised that the story then jumped back in time to before the protagonist’s arrival. The past is where the rest of the issue remains introducing us to Chas Worthington III and his circle of friends and associates. For a while I was expecting it to skip ahead but it becomes clear this issue is all about setting the stage.

The bulk of the story is told through dialogue and is better for it. I enjoyed seeing the characters interact and it helped me get a solid idea of just who everyone was.  There’s a bit of backstory to the status quo and by the end of the issue there’s enough said and done to illustrate where everyone stands.

Great Pacific is visually a very clean book, despite the subject matter (terrible joke sorry).  The panels are all neatly separated by thick white lines and evenly boxed off, it makes the story very easy to read and maintains an organised appearance.  My only little gripe with the art is that the faces sometimes seemed a little off, whenever we’d get a side shot of Chas it would almost look like a different person. It wasn’t enough to pull me out of the story altogether but it is something that I noticed on the initial read. Other than that hiccup the art bounces between being perfectly passable in close up shots to being really impressive in the bigger establishing panels. Meanwhile Morazzo is also responsible for the colouring and I can’t fault him at all there. It’s a noticeable contrast in colour between the fields of Kenya and both the exterior and interior of an American oil rig.

I’ll be picking up this series going forward but I think this is something that will read better in collected form. The first issue reminded me of the opening act to a movie, we still don’t know exactly what’s going on and things are still moving into place but there was never any big reveal that left me clamouring for more. There’s not necessarily anything really wrong with that but for a first issue I expected things to be a little bit more exciting and give me some more reasons to come back. So this isn’t a thrilling read but it is an involving one. I recommend giving it a go.

Author: Mia Violet

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