Comic Review: Age of Ultron #9

Age of Ultron has been a strange series. I can’t faithfully review this title without reflecting on the perplexing fact that, despite the name, this is not a series about Ultron. As we close in on the final issues of the series things have turned quite predictable. Obviously everything will return to normal, it has to. So what remains is the question of can writer Brian Michael Bendis do it in a way that’s enjoyable?


The issue opens with the aftermath of the last’s cliffhanger. Morgana Le Fey has attacked the alternate version of New York where our Wolverine and Susan Storm are trapped. The destroyed ruins of the city are reminiscent of the earlier images of Ultron controlled New York, cementing the idea that they’ve traded one overlord for another. With their plan completely ruined Wolverine goes back to the time machine to try again. From there the rest of the issue is very predictable and proceeds in pretty much the only direction it can to clean up the corner that it’s been written into. It’s not a terribly bad scripted comic, it’s just very dull. The way the plot has gone there’s just very little manoeuvring room left to do anything other than what this issue does.

Brandon Peterson tackles the art for the first half of the issue. He’s good at capturing the dark tone of the series but his work doesn’t quite have the moodiness of Bryan Hitch’s, who kicked off the series. The work towards the end of the issue is handled by Carlos Pacheco, it’s a little uneven with a couple of face shots in particular looking strange and out of place. However he does have quite a vaguely retro-inspired look which suits the plot well. Overall the art on the book is fairly solid but nothing absolutely spectacular.

Ultron 9 Screencap

Age of Ultron #9 is very much a reflection of the series at large. The dialogue is written well but the situation pales in comparison to its potential. If you’ve followed the series this far I don’t know if there’s much point in picking up this issue, you could quite possibly skip it and read the finale and not miss much. The recap page will likely tell you precisely what happened in a succinct way that does away with the unnecessarily drawn out manner it takes place here. I won’t spoil what happens but it’s very obvious all things considered. Meanwhile if you’ve not yet jumped into the series and were wondering whether to catch up I can fairly definitively say not to bother. The entire series has felt like eternal build-up to a payoff that’s just not happened.

Author: Mia Violet

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