Comic Review: Age of Ultron #10

The final issue of the controversial crossover, Age of Ultron, is now out. The series has been incredibly hit and miss overall. After starting out with one premise the story completely changed gears half way through. Does the final issue manage to capture some of that excitement back? Not really.


In my review for issue #9 I commented how the next step of the story felt like it’d be fairly obvious. I was hoping writer Brian Michael Bendis would surprise me and resolve things differently but instead it’s quite predictable. The issue actually ties in heavily with Avengers #12.1, an issue which was released two years ago. It’s another strange hiccup that’s come out of Age of Ultron releasing far later than originally intended. The action is fairly generic stuff that simply plays out what was promised last time. The second half of the issue then spends all its time setting up future Marvel storylines, something I found incredibly irritating. These storylines have absolutely nothing to do with the plot of Age of Ultron and feel like they’re only there to try sell more comics.

The artwork on the book is complicated to describe never mind to read. Marvel made the perplexing choice to use many different artists on the issue. It makes for an incredibly jarring experience as the art changes suddenly. The intention is that it matches the tone and situation but it simply changes far too often to feel natural. All the art is fairly well done but it detracts from the story with its inconsistency.

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Overall Age Of Ultron #10 is a very poor issue. Technically it does wrap up the storyline but it happens in a very formulaic expected manner. Bizarrely, but not surprisingly, the vast majority of story we saw in Age of Ultron turned out to be a waste of time as none of it holds any relevance in the grand scheme of things. The most important issue of the series is ironically Avengers #12.1 which wasn’t even an issue of Age of Ultron. It feels like the main focus of the issue is all on the teasing of future storylines, which is not what the concluding chapter of a story should do. The last page in particular is intended to be a shock reveal, which was spoilt by Marvel weeks ago, that has absolutely nothing in common with the actual storyline of Age of Ultron. Depressingly this issue is just a bland conclusion to a boring crossover that ran for far too many issues.

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