Comic Review: Adventures of Superman #2

The first issue of Adventures of Superman was praised for being one of the best sets of Superman stories in a long time. With the New 52 Superman series’ being quite hit and miss, Adventures offers a continuity free alternative that collects three digital chapters that were released a few weeks prior.


The first story starts out seemingly simple but then presents an intriguing mystery as Superman keeps witnessing the same person all across town. Writer J.M. DeMatteis managed to keep me guessing until the final reveal which was a genuine surprise and quite unconventional. Meanwhile Giuseppe Camuncoli handles the art with quite a sketchy style that’s perfect for showing character emotion but can sometimes look a little loose.

The second story is written by Joshua Hale Fialkov and drawn by Joëlle Jones, it’s a much simpler tale similar to the ones we saw last issue. Unfortunately I thought it was a little bit too simple as nothing really surprising takes place. The predictable plot is redeemed though by some very bright charming artwork. One sequence quickly flashes through Superman performing various deeds and each page could easily be its own poster. Superman also looks fittingly heroic with tight muscles and strong angular facial features. There’s something very endearing and wholesome about Jones’ artwork that is an absolute perfect fit for Superman. Her work is bursting with energetic personality.


The artwork of the final story is a wonderfully retro cartoon style by Michael Avon Oeming, who shares a writing credit with Bryan J.L. Glass. Unfortunately the story is a little difficult to follow as it includes quite a lot of characters as well as further complicating things with time travel. It all takes place a little bit too fast and I wonder if the story would otherwise have worked great in a regular full sized issue but is just a bit too condensed here.

Overall this issue has some great artwork but rather lacklustre stories. I can’t discount the issue because the art, in the latter two stories especially, is fantastic. The first story has weaker art but the most intriguing story of the lot. I feel that they used the shorter format to its best potential to show us Superman doing what he does best, while also providing a solid tale with an ending that I honestly did not expect. Overall it’s a weaker instalment than the initial issue and quite uneven, but it shouldn’t be discarded entirely. If you’re still clamouring for more Superman then this issue will give you it, but anyone else may want to skip this.

Author: Mia Violet

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