Checking Out Eaglemoss’ New DC Graphic Novel Collection

If I had a penny every time someone said “I want to read super hero comics but I don’t know here to start” I would have several pounds by now. Comic books are infamously difficult to get into. But with the movies continuing to clean up at the box office, more and more people are interested in finding some stories to read in an easily digestible manner.

Enter Eaglemoss, who have put together a new selection of DC super hero collected editions for UK fans. Here’s the TV advert, which does a good job of summing up what they’re offering:


In short: it’s a set of collected DC comic book stories, headlined by recognisable characters Batman and Superman, but not just limited to them. They release ‘every other Thursday’.

As resident comic nerd, I took a look over the list of titles and I can confirm they’re a pretty excellent selection. Cleverly none of these sets are pulled from confusing spots in continuity and none of them are duds. These are sharp modern stories that showcase the best of DC comics.

The first couple volumes available as part of this release are parts 1 and 2 of Batman: Hush, which Eaglemoss kindly sent me copies of to check out. I won’t review Hush itself here, but I can tell you as someone who loved this story back upon release, Hush is a great choice to showcase Batman.

What makes Hush such a strong story is that it takes you on a tour through the Batman mythos with plenty of characters, both heroic and sinister, making appearances. On top of that the story is an intriguing mystery drawn by superstar artist Jim Lee and written by Jeph Loeb, two creators who have done great work and live up to their reputations here.

You might feel a bit edgy about having the story split in two, but I can assure you Hush is a long story that’s spread out over 12 issues and took a whole year to tell originally. On top of that each of these Eaglemoss volumes contain a bonus classic Batman story, giving you a look at where things began.

Physically the volumes are a nice hefty size, with thick backing and great quality paper. You don’t have to worry about corners having been cut, as usual I’m pretty impressed with the choices Eaglemoss have made.

At 9.99 a pop, you’re actually looking at a cheaper price than what you’d pay if you were to collect these stories on your own, especially considering they’re hardback. The first release is discounted, meaning you can pick of part 1 of Batman: Hush for £2.99, the same price you’d pay for a single issue of Batman’s current series. Part 2 is also discounted down to £6.99, making the entire story a steal.

Curious to find out more? Just follow this link to the official website.


Disclaimer: This article was written based on parts 1 and 2 of Hush which were supplied for free on behalf of Eaglemoss.

Author: Mia Violet

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