Best Of 2012: Comics

2012 was pretty kick-ass for both comics and video games. Originally I planned a long, long list all split into categories, but with everyone else already covering that I decided just to give a nice quick list of what my two favourite comics and two favourite games were this year. Today is comics while I’ll cover games next time.


Creative Team: Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo

2012 was a fine year to be a Batman fan. We had a great expansion to Arkham City and of course the final part of Nolan’s movie trilogy. There were also some pretty cool action figures released too (looking at you Killing Joke!). Meanwhile in the land of comics Scott Snyder’s run really got going with the Night of Owls and the return of the Joker in Death of the Family. Even though the conclusion is coming next year Death of the Family has already crept onto the list of my favourite Batman stories of all time. Snyder is writing a Joker that is downright terrifying, you really get the feeling that he could do just about anything. If you have any passing interest in Batman you should be reading this series, it’s as simple as that.



Creative Team: Brian K Vaughan & Fiona Staples

There’s a reason that everywhere you look someone is telling you to read Saga. A mesh of fantasy and sci-fi Saga tells a very human story at heart. It’s very easy to relate to the tale of two lovers on the run with their newborn child… which I realise doesn’t sound all that relateable at all, unless you live a far more exciting life than I do. But there’s something about the writing that makes these characters feel familiar and real. Were the story set in a simple world it’d still work fine but the universe feels ridiculously fleshed out and is wonderfully brought to life by Staple’s unique artwork. I never tire of talking about Saga, I know it’s going to be one of my favourite comics for years to come and I can’t wait to see how it develops over 2013.


Bonus Award – Best Publisher:

Image Comics

With Invincible and Walking Dead continuing to be as fantastic as usual, Image was already earning itself some points before you even factor the rest in. But it’s because of the rest that Image are far and away the best publisher in 2012. Rebooting 90’s series’ like Glory and Prophet were ideas that I thought were a tad odd. The safe move would have been to keep them tied closely with their origins but instead Image made the very ballsy move of completely shaking them up. Out of those forgettable 90’s tales came refreshing exciting new stories that blew me away. Meanwhile Image continued to start new series’ throughout the year and even expand on older ones such as the new Guarding The Globe series or Luthor Strode. It’s so refreshing to look at comics and no longer just see ‘the big two’ dominating everything. Marvel and DC are doing their best to come up with fresh ideas, but for real originality in 2012 all you had to do was pick up an Image comic.


Author: Mia Violet

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