Bad Batch, The Final(?) Episodes Of Star Wars The Clone Wars Are Now Online

If you’re like me, then you were at home jealous during Star Wars Celebration recently and didn’t get to see Bad Batch, a set of previously unseen episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Well, they’ve now been added to the Star Wars website so all of us folks who couldn’t make it to the showing can now check it out for ourselves. Like the Utapau episodes which were put online last year, these episodes are unfinished with placeholder models, no facial animation and a lack of special effects and lighting. Still, the voice acting is in place and they’re perfectly watchable.

By my count this is likely the last piece of the The Clone Wars we’ll get, at least in animated form. Most of the final storylines which were in production now exist in some form. The Ventress storyline Dark Disciple is about to be released as a novel, Darth Maul’s Son of Dathomir story was released as a comic while Bad Batch and the Utapau storyline exist as showreels. Meanwhile the remaining episodes which were far enough along in development were finished and packaged up as “The Lost Missions” or as season 6, depending on who you ask. Although that said, we have heard reference to a Cad Bane episode which was recorded, so we might see that in the future.


Here's a look at some extra pretty concept art from Bad Batch.

Here’s a look at some extra pretty concept art from Bad Batch.


Will we see any other storylines? It’s certainly possible. Amusingly The Clone Wars has ended about four different times now. It’s hard to decide what the real final episode of the series is. We know plenty of scripts were finished for future seasons but unless they want to bring the voice actors back in (not to mention borrowing Star Wars Rebels‘ art team) I think it’s more likely we’ll see those stories as comics or novels, if anything.

It’s nice to see The Clone Wars still getting some love though, even though Rebels is well underway. Once it was canceled I feared the plug would be pulled immediately on anything to do with The Clone Wars, so every release since has been quite the surprise.

Want to give these new episodes a look? You can check them out by following this link to



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