Panels And Pixels is a blog mainly for comic books and video games, though we also cover other fun nerdy things from time to time. On top of that it’s the home of a Saga comic book fan podcast, The Lying Cat Cast, which previously released alongside every new issue and is due to re-launch soon in 2017.



If you want to chat about something we’ve covered, have a question or even just want to say hi then you can e-mail us at:


The same address is also fine for any questions about reviewing your indie comic, video game, magazine, action figure, etc. we’re happy to review anything that’s related to nerdy culture.

Meanwhile, if you have a question or comment about the podcast, then the address is: Podcast[at]PanelsAndPixels[dot]com



 – Mia

I’m a twenty-something nerdy trans woman living in merry ol’ England. I have a Masters in Media Studies which I got by being a total dork and studying comic book fans.

I set up Panels And Pixels in 2012 as a fun little place to cover comic books and video games. It’s steadily grown since and I intend to keep building on it as the years go by.

I love indie comics and you’ll notice there’s quite a few reviewed on here, if you’ve got one you want me to look at and review then please do let me know! That also goes for any video games, magazines, action figures, colouring books or beverages that you’ve made too. If you want to say hello on Twitter then you can find me at @PanelsAndPixels.


– Loretta 

After having my own blog for a year, I’ve started to help out and write for Panels And Pixels too. Last year I graduated from BA Business Management, but despite the stuffy sounding degree I’m actually just a big nerd.

I adore comic books, my favourites include Saga, Fables, and Pathfinder. I enjoy reading all genres of stories, but I particularly like horror comics.

On Twitter you can find me at @SuparRaytar.



If you’re looking for more information pop on over to the FAQ and watch Mia answer some imaginary questions that were never actually asked. Hopefully that’ll clear up anything you might want to know.




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