A New X-Files Board Game Is Coming This Summer

From IDW, publisher of the new X-Files Season 10 comic book, comes a new X-Files board game! In case the exclamation mark didn’t tip you off, I am rather excited for this.

Two to five players take on the role of ‘the X-Files team,’ presumably Mulder and Scully with some other FBI agents, while another player controls The Smoking Man and works against them. It pulls from the first three seasons of the show, which means there’s plenty there for them to use.

It’s interesting that they specifically call out the first three seasons as the basis for the game, it makes me wonder if there’s some expansion packs in the works too. It’d be fun to see some periodic expansions which add in the monsters from each following season. They could even go as far as Season 10 and bring in some of the comic book creatures by then.

Kevin Wilson is being touted as the lead designer, someone whose name will be familiar with big time gamers. His most famous game today is probably Arkham Horror from Fantasy Flight Games, something I own but have tragically yet to play myself. I’ve only heard good things though and the game’s spooky vibe is obviously a perfect fit for the X-Files. Arkham Horror also saw a number of expansion packs, making the expansion speculation a little more credible.


Menton3, who provides some creepy art to the comics, is said to be collaborating on the board game.

Menton3, who provides some creepy art to the comics, is said to be collaborating on the board game.


Although it’s a competitive board game I do feel a little bit like a cooperative boardgame would have been better. Of course it is still co-op as it’s one person vs. a team, but after playing the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game so much lately, I’ve been amazed by the ability to craft a game where the opposition basically plays itself. But of course this is just my gut reaction, the game could be fantastic as it is and have been carefully constructed to play to the strengths of a human opponent.

Board games have seen an increase in popularity lately with the likes of the aforementioned Arkham Horror and other modern hits. The X-Files seems like the perfect franchise to utilise, with its focus on collaboration and mystery. IDW announced their intention to publish boardgames last year while simultaneously announcing Kill Shakespeare and 30 Days Of Night games. It’ll be interesting to see what else they release down the line.

July is the current release date so keep an eye out for it around then. I’m sure in the next couple of months we’ll get some more information on it with some specifics on how it actually plays. As a big fan of the X-Files (which you may have guessed from X-Files Week last year), I’m certainly looking forward to trying it out.


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