A New Robin In Villain Month?

Villain Month was announced this morning by DC, after rumours of it had been circulating for quite a while. Along with the announcement that villains would be ‘taking over’ the regular New 52 series’ is the reveal of 3D covers. Images of these new covers have been trickling out over the last few hours. One little titbit that caught my eye is on the cover for Batman And Robin, specifically the fact that it says Robin. And that’s not the only clue…

The cover to issue 23.1 of Batman And...

The cover to issue 23.1 of Batman And…

Batman And Robin was retitled after the death of Damian Wayne in Batman Inc. Instead the series now adopts the format of replacing ‘Robin’ with whoever is the guest star of that issue. The fact that the Villian Month cover says Robin could merely be a placeholder to point out what series it is. However, many have been expecting a new Robin to join the series once Batman’s grieving process has ended. Writer Pete Tomasi specifically stated the name change represented five stages that Batman would go through. At the end of the five stages it’s sensible to assume that’s when we’d get our new Robin, with issue 23 being the final grieving issue. The Villain Month issue is being billed as issue 23.1, presumably using Marvel’s technique of positioning .1’s as a jumping on point. If so, then we could be getting our new Robin in issue 23.1. Alternatively, it could simply be a solo-Batman story with the new Robin arriving in issue 24 or even later down the line. But either way it’s interesting how everything seems to line up.

Furthermore Villain Month is being followed with a new series titled Forever Evil: Arkham War, Geoff Johns is quoted as saying it’s “the biggest story with Bat-villains you’ll ever see.” Sounds like Batman is going to need all the help he can get, perhaps a good time to recruit a new Robin? If so who better to tell the story than Tomasi, who is co-writing Arkham War. If the new Robin arrives as part of Arkham War it makes a lot of sense that Tomasi would be involved as he’d be the one to continue their story over in Batman And Robin.

What do you think? Is it a coincidence? Or is the new Robin on the way? Comment or hit me up on Twitter @PanelsAndPixels and let me know your thoughts.

Author: Mia Violet

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