A New Dawn, The First Canon Star Wars Novel Releases Today

Those lucky folks in the US may have gotten it early, but Star Wars: A New Dawn has finally released today here in the UK.

This is arguably the most significant Star Wars novelisation in quite some time because it’s the very first book that is absolutely 100% canon. To elaborate for those unfamiliar with the term, in fandom canon basically means: it happened. So this book “happened” in the same continuity as the films and The Clone Wars TV show.

It also doubles as a prequel novel to the upcoming Star Wars Rebels, which itself is a sort of sequel sort of spin-off of The Clone Wars.

John Jackson Miller is the author in question who was tasked with penning this new release. I think he’s a great choice as his Lost Tribe of the Sith stories especially showed his talent for writing unique and interesting characters that break away from the usual stereotypes. Furthermore, if social media is anything to go by, he’s just generally a really friendly and nice guy! So I’m really glad he’s gotten to write such an important release and I hope he’s already working away on his next Star Wars project.


A New Dawn is the first in a set of new novels.

A New Dawn is the first in a set of new novels.


I’ve already written about my own thoughts regarding the old Star Wars EU going away, so I’ll try not to reiterate here. But I do want to say that reading the first few chapters of A New Dawn has been really exciting as a big Star Wars fan. Knowing that this is all new and the mystery of what’s to come is fantastic.

One final thing I want to mention is that the book contains a foreword written by Dave Filoni, where he writes about his experiences as he’s gone from being a fan to an influential figure behind the scenes of Star Wars. It’s a surprisingly heartfelt message and also a reminder that Star Wars is now in the hands of “one of us”. A New Dawn is the perfect title as it encapsulates what’s happening with Star Wars, this is a new beginning for the franchise with fresh talent and new stories emerging. Today’s book release is the very start and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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