30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 7: Favourite Couple

It’s day 7 of the 30-day comic book challenge! Every day I cover a different comic book question, along with the other members of the IGN Assemble Facebook group.

Invincible is a ridiculously good comic. I’d argue it’s easily in the top 5 super hero comics currently being published. One of my favourite parts of the series is his relationship. Now Invincible himself doesn’t start out in a relationship, he gets together with his girlfriend as the series goes on. So rather than ruin who I’m talking about I’m going to slap a pretty picture below, then the revelation will be afterwards. That way if anyone cares about the spoilers it won’t be blatantly ruined without warning. So here’s the warning: SPOILERS!

No, this is only half the couple... Although how awesome would they be as a pair?

No, this is only half the couple… Although how awesome would these two be as a romantic pair?

Okay, are we good? Cool. Invincible and Atom Eve are the couple in question. One reason I enjoy them so much is that their relationship developed naturally over time. Rather than the two just be thrust together with no buildup, they were friends for quite some time before finally coming together. It wasn’t magical love at first sight.

I think the way Kirkman has written the relationship is fantastic, you feel that these are two people who genuinely care about each other. Better yet: they both have super powers. It’s a minor complaint of mine but I hate it when a super hero is paired with a powerless civilian. There are just so many more interesting possibilities when the two have super powers. Plus I just think it’s more realistic. Y’know, as realistic as a flying half-alien man is anyway. If you had powers and were part of this fantastic world, surely you’d be drawn to someone who can share it with you?

Also not the couple in question. Still just half.

Also not the couple in question. 

It’s definitely that believability that draws me to picking the two of them. Famous comic couples like Reed and Sue or even Peter and MJ always feel just a bit forced. Like they’re together just because of the story and not because they, as two people, would actually get together. Invincible’s relationship meanwhile just feels real.


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