30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 29 – A Comic I Didn’t Expect To Like

It’s day 29 of the 30-day comic book challenge! Every day I cover a different comic book question, along with the other members of the IGN Assemble Facebook group.

Day 29 – A Comic I Thought I Wouldn’t Like, But Did

This was a difficult question to answer simply because I couldn’t think of anything! Generally when I take a chance on a comic I go in there expecting to like it. I can’t think of a single instance I’ve bought a comic not expecting to like it on at least some level. Why would I even buy something I expected to dislike?

So instead I’m twisting the question a little to be what comic did I not expect to like as much as I did? At that point I have plenty of answers! The one that sticks out in my mind the most is Fables. Long, long ago I tried reading Fables but I just didn’t click with me. After about three issues I dropped it and decided I’d return later to try again. Well, several years later I decided to give it another chance. I loved it.


Fables is the story of fairytale characters forced into exile by the overwhelming armies of the Adversary. Now living in New York the characters, coincidently named Fables, keep their presence a secret from the unsuspecting world. Throughout the series they deal with internal power struggles, mischievous Fables and covert strikes from the Adversary’s forces, among many other troubles.

Never have I so drastically changed my mind on a product as I did with Fables. Truth be told I never disliked it to begin with, I just dropped off without really getting into it. On the second attempt at it I give it a fair chance and read the entire first story-arc in one go. I then continued on and absorbed every bit of Fables I could. Even going into it the second time I had hopes that it’d be something to get up to date with over time, but never did I think I’d be so enthusiastic about blazing all the way through.


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