30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 25 – A Comic I Plan On Reading

It’s day 25 of the 30-day comic book challenge! Every day I cover a different comic book question, along with the other members of the IGN Assemble Facebook group.

Day 25 – A Comic I Plan On Reading

There are quite a few comics I plan on reading which I’ve just not gotten to yet. The one at the top of the list is 100 Bullets. I’ve always heard great things about 100 Bullets and thankfully I’ve avoided any information beyond the very barebones premise.

100 Bullets

Honestly there’s little else to say! I’m a fan of Brian Azzarello’s other work, at least what I’ve read of it, so I expect to enjoy it. The only thing that’s held me back is plain ol’ money. Once I have some money kicking around I’ll be sure to splash out on it. The hardcovers look mighty tempting, though getting it in digital would save my a lot of money. Tough choice…


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