30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 24 – Dream Team-Up

It’s day 24 of the 30-day comic book challenge! Every day I cover a different comic book question, along with the other members of the IGN Assemble Facebook group.

Day 24 – Dream Character Team-Up

Team-ups are a classic comic book idea that has great potential. Although the excitement of characters within their own universes teaming up has admittedly long lost its lustre for me. Marvel especially work hard to create the effect of a shared universe so there’s not much special or exciting about picturing their characters working together, since they already do! But as for characters from alternating worlds teaming up? Well, there’s just a wealth of tantalising options there.

My dream team-up is one that, tragically enough, almost happened. It’s two very different creatures of the night. Both detectives, one is a man, and one very much more, Batman and Bigby Wolf, from Fables.


Bigby is the sheriff of Fabletown, the big bad wolf himself. Part policeman and part detective it’s Bigby’s job to deal with all the problems that arise in the magical refuge. Batman meanwhile, is of course the best a human could possibly be. A mind sharper than Bibgy’s teeth and trained in every form of physical combat imaginable. The two of them working the same case would be fascinating. Oh and as comic characters are oft to do, it’d be fun to see them scrap first.

BatmanGargoyleAnyone who has studied storytelling knows the long quoted rule that the characters make the story. If you take two well written characters and put them together the plot practically weaves itself. Those two characters have so many similarities, while remaining so unique from each other, it’s simple to conjure up images of what they’d do. Bigby’s job requires him to hunt rogue Fables (magical folk) who’ve escape at large into the unsuspecting world. While Batman’s job is to keep his watchful eyes on protecting Gotham City from any threats that arrive. See what I mean? This series would write itself.


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