30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 22 – A Disappointing Vol. 2

It’s day 22 of the 30-day comic book challenge! Every day I cover a different comic book question, along with the other members of the IGN Assemble Facebook group.

Day 22 – A Disappointing Second Volume

Today’s question is another I struggled with. I’ve read comics I don’t like for sure, I’ve even reviewed some of them, but it was difficult to think of a time when a series took such a surprising dip.

Interestingly I could think of a lot of answers for the reverse. Fables is a series I adore but when I originally read the first story-arc I wasn’t too captivated. But once I’d read the second volume I knew I had to stay on-board. Invincible, a series I’ve mentioned a lot this month, actually did the same thing. Volume 1 I read on three entirely separate occasions, years apart, before I decided to try the rest of the series.

The only time I could really think where I’d been let down was the original run of Batman Inc. Gasp! I hear you say. Well, let me elaborate a little. I quite enjoyed Morrison’s Batman run leading up to it. I even liked RIP in a weird sort of ‘I can appreciate this is good but it’s bat shit crazy’ way (no pun intended). But Batman Inc just could not grab me. I tried and kept on reading but I just could not get into it. Which was a shame as Batman And Robin beforehand I thought was fantastic, which perhaps raised my expectations somewhat.

Batman Inc

It’s well written for sure, I’d never accuse Morrison of being anything less than masterful at creating comics, but it’s not for me. It just never clicked.

However I am intending on going back to it one day. It’s been a couple of years now and this time I know what I’m getting into. I know there’s something good in there. At the time though, it did very much disappoint.


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