30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 2: Favourite Character

It’s day 2 of the 30-day comic book challenge! Every day I cover a different comic book question, along with the other members of the IGN Assemble Facebook group.

Favourite Character: Carol Danvers

This was the most difficult question of all to answer, who is my favourite character? A lot of characters have rotated in and out as being my favourite such as: Mystique, Batwoman, and even just Batman himself. But I always go back to Carol Danvers.

It was Brian Reed’s ongoing Ms. Marvel series where I really grew attached to the character. After visiting the alternate dimension House Of M, Carol was shown a world where she was respected and beloved by the population. Back in the real Marvel universe though she was left feeling like she was failing to live up to her potential. So she took steps to deal with that. That’s something that really connected with me, the idea that someone can stop and decide they want to be better. Furthermore Carol felt like a real person, she had real relatable problems. Oh, and when it came down to it she could kick a hell of a lot of ass.


The one thing I never liked about Ms. Marvel was the stupid swimsuit costume. I always felt like I had to preface my love of the character with ‘By the way, I hate the costume.’ It was just plain silly, pointless titillation at odds with the character. I always wanted her to change it, but alas the series ended and she spent the entire time in that outfit. Time passed where Carol was just a guest star in other books. Her presence in New Avengers meant she at least still had a consistent recurring role, but there was little focus on her. It was disappointing and I held out hope that one day she’d be given her own book again. Then Captain Marvel got announced.

Kelly Sue DeConnick brought Carol back in a brand new series. Finally she’d ditched that silly costume and she’d taken on the name Captain Marvel, no longer living in another hero’s shadow. Better yet the stories were personal and engaging. Although it was a new looking Carol, this was the same old character that I’d loved for years. She was still kicking ass and still owning that determined attitude to keep going.


It’s hard to describe why I love her character so much. I think it boils down to that she feels much more realistic than many other characters. I love Captain America but he’s just blatantly not a real person, he’s far too perfect. But Carol has flaws and problems that make her never-give-in attitude feel even more inspiring.


Author: Mia Violet

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