30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 14 – Wallpaper

It’s day 14 of the 30-day comic book challenge! Every day I cover a different comic book question, along with the other members of the IGN Assemble Facebook group.

Day 14 – Current Comic Book Wallpapers

Today’s question is a little different. Originally I expected this would be a very quick post, but it occurred to me while writing that there’s actually more thought to my choices than I realised.


I haven’t had my iPad a terribly long time but I knew after purchasing it I wanted a comic book wallpaper. One of the main reasons I got it was to read my digital comic collection so it’s only fitting that I chose comics over one of my other hobbies. Rather than pick a pre-created wallpaper I decided to make my own as I knew exactly what I wanted: Skottie Young. I adore his Marvel variant covers so I went straight to my favourite one, FF.


I cropped the image so that depending on the orientation of the iPad it shows me the cover differently. So if I hold it sideways I see the full cast stood together, including the other kids. Unfortunately when I hold it like a book Ant-Man gets chopped off! But that’s preferable to having to put ugly black bars on the image just to get it to fit.

FF is one of my favourite Marvel books right now, probably my number one favourite in fact. I love that the book is basically about an unorthodox family unrelated by blood and all completely different from one another. It’s something I really like and I think this cover playfully ties into that showing that the cast are certainly quite ‘weird’ compared to normal standards. Even in the Marvel universe they’re a strange group. It’s an endearing ideal that I like being reminded of every time I use my iPad. Plus since I use it almost exclusively for entertainment, rather than work, I like having something on it that makes me smile.


I do a lot of work on my Macbook, far more than on my PC (more on that soon!). I wanted a background that wasn’t too busy, as often I quickly take screenshots or dump multiple files on the desktop so I can quickly grab them and move them around, whether it’s to e-mail them, upload them or just as a reminder to myself that I need to deal with them soon. I use my Macbook’s desktop as a sort of literal desktop, it’s a messy surface that’s full of whatever I’m using at the time. Because of that I made this very simple background:


I took this screenshot a bit ago when I’d just cleared the desktop out, which is why it’s so clean! I wanted something that captured the look of the Nowhere Men covers, lots of white and very minimal. So I took two of my favourite covers and just mashed them together, threw in the logo and kept a nice blank column in the middle for my icons.

Speaking of Nowhere Men, it’s a series that I honestly believe is primed to explode in popularity. It’s a ridiculously high quality story that’s well worth reading. I picked it as the topic for my background because I’d love to have more of it in my life. Furthermore, although it’s not something I consciously thought of when making it, I wonder if I chose it because it’s quite serious in tone. As I mentioned my Macbook is where I do all my work so it makes sense then that I have something far more somber than my other two choices.


I don’t use my PC very often, but I regularly have it turned on while working from my Macbook. This is so I can use my two PC monitors to have any extras I want in the background such as tutorial videos or reference pictures. Occasionally they’re just on a music player. Therefore because the background would be on display most of the time I wanted something that was more poster like, the reverse of my Macbook’s. Here’s what I’ve had the last few months:


Admittedly I’ve not read a great deal of Wonder Woman comics over the years, with the exception of the current run I’ve always floated in and out, but I’m quite a fan of the character. I like this background in particular because it’s very colourful and makes a good backdrop when I’m working.

So there you go, those are the three wallpapers I use. With each one I’ve picked something that fits the function of each but still is nice to look at. Comics are such an assorted medium there’s endless creative art styles to pick from. No other entertainment medium can claim that much visual diversity, which I why I think they’re perfect to draw backgrounds from.


Author: Mia Violet

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