30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 11 – Favourite Comic Cartoon

It’s day 11 of the 30-day comic book challenge! Every day I cover a different comic book question, along with the other members of the IGN Assemble Facebook group.

Day 11 – Favourite Comic Book Cartoon Series

This was another answer that felt blatantly obvious. I’ve enjoyed many comic book cartoons in my childhood and beyond, but there’s only one that I think has not aged a day: Batman The Animated Series.

While many cartoons don’t really hold up too well anymore, looking at you X-Men, Batman The Animated Series is just as enjoyable as it was in the 90’s. In fact, I found I actually got even more enjoyment out of the series now than when I was a child. As a kid all I really wanted to see was Batman pummel on some villains. The atmosphere was cool, the voice acting was great but I was here for the action. Now as an adult I can take a step back and appreciate that the series is truly a masterpiece of animation. Everything from the shadowy pulp-inspired art design to the moody music just seeps personality. The show has real heart too, the Grey Ghost episode featuring Adam West is genuinely touching.


Another landmark moment for the series is the casting of Mark Hamill as the Joker. From that moment on he has been my Joker. When reading recent comic book stories like Death of the Family it’s Hamill’s twisted rendition that echoes through my mind when reading his lines. A sign of the show’s staying power is its heavy influence over the recent Batman Arkham video games. It’s undeniable that they’ve pulled their inspiration right out of that TV show.

I don’t know if any other comic book adaptation will come close to matching what Batman The Animated Series did. I hope it does, and I applaud Warner Bros. and DC for exploring different avenues over the years (The Brave And The Bold is brilliant in its own way) but I’m happy to see Beware The Batman returning to the darker crime based roots that the original show also used. That said, I hope Beware doesn’t just try to purely rehash the exact same tone because, obviously, it’s been done before – and it was perfect.


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