30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 10 – Dream Vs. Match

It’s day 10 of the 30-day comic book challenge! Every day I cover a different comic book question, along with the other members of the IGN Assemble Facebook group.

Day 10 – Dream Vs Match

Of all the questions this is the one that felt the most nerdy. Nerdy in a fun way of course. I was reminded of being a kid and looking at my action figure collection, pitting Robin against obscure characters like Bucky O’Hare. There’s something fun about sticking two very different characters together and wondering who would win.

So combatant one was obvious: Batman. Batman is the man who prepares for everything. So the idea of dropping Batman in a situation and then putting him against someone unexpected excites me.

Combatant two is a character that genuinely makes me nervous: The Gorgon. Since he was introduced in the Wolverine solo series I’ve found him an incredibly intimidating character. As a warrior with enhanced abilities and even super powers, he’d be an awfully difficult opponent to overcome.


The terrain should be something dangerous. An urban jungle would be a bit too straightforward so how about an actual jungle? The two are dropped in at opposite sides and must fight until the other is incapacitated or dead. The island is full of natural supplies, food and predators. Creating a wealth of opportunities for the two to create traps or be taken out by other dangers.

I think this would be a great matchup because I always enjoy seeing Batman overcome obstacles. Whether it’s physical challenges like his usual villains or purely mental challenges like his venom addiction, Batman’s pure determination is endlessly entertaining. I’d love to see a writer tackle the matchup and show us how inventive Batman would have to get to manage a fight against someone so physically superior. A face-to-face match would be almost out of the question, The Gorgon can turn anyone to stone when he locks eyes with them! It’d be down to traps and stealth as the two try to outthink the other.

Spoilers: Batman would win. Obviously.


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