30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 1: First Comic

This month, as part of the IGN Assemble Facebook group, I’ve decided to do the 30 Day Comic Book Challenge. Basically that means there’ll be a daily blog on different comic book related aspects. I haven’t done anything personal in a while so this’ll be an interesting change. I’m going to post this over on Tumblr as well (and I may switch over to purely Tumblr once it gets going since it seems more suited to there), but I haven’t quite decided yet. Either way, for now here’s the first entry:

 First Comic Book

The first comic I remember reading was actually a Marvel Annual published at some point around 1988. It contained four stories in it, which were actually just issues from the last ten years. I would read it over and over. With no comic book shop in my city I would try grab Marvel comics at every opportunity, of which there were very little!

My favourite issue in there was a Fantastic Four story. Until today, when I dug the annual out, I never realised the story was by John Byrne, a writer who I’d grow up to eventually enjoy the works of.  Specifically it’s issue #232, the first of his run. The story is a one-shot about Diablo creating four different elemental enemies to take down the team. There’s even a cameo by Doctor Strange at the end.


It’s funny to think back then I was a fan of John Byrne without even realising!

It was a long time until I’d collect Marvel comics weekly. Nearly a decade in fact. In between the annuals and odd issues I got as a kid I read issues of the UK Sonic The Comic and eventually Spawn, once I got a bit older.

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